Mission Statement

To help, educate, bring awareness and eradicate hunger through our rides for charity.

Our goal is to create a collective to help eliminate hunger in our backyard. Whether it’s the Ride for City Harvest that we launched, October 2018, in NYC or our participation in ChefsCycle/No Kid Hungry.

Who We Are

CNI aims to connect the cycling community, it creates an inclusive cycling collective, where you belong and where you stand out. It’s a network of Partners that Give Back and of Members that Care.  We bring together like minded individuals and organizations that focus on health and wellness, charity participation, foundation development and support.

The Collective

We need to belong. We seem to have a deep need to be a part of units and communities and to be accepted and approved of. I’m sure there’s some really smart psychology to it that we could cite.

When you are active in community service, it gets noticed over time.  It positions you different from others. You are seen as someone who is involved in the community , participating and driving change and living the healthy lifestyle that cycling offers. People prefer to do business with community leaders because they trust them and they believe that they will stand behind their work.

People are hard-wired to want to help other people when they’re asked.

Group cycling requires teamwork, persistence, and commitment.

Science supports the claim that a physically demanding sport like cycling strengthens our interpersonal connections. Endorphins are released in the brain, creating a sense of well-being which bonds us to the people that have shared the experience.

The attributes required for success in cycling mirror the characteristics business leaders seek in their professional environment. It’s more than a sport, or a way to stay fit, it’s a lifestyle where success on the bike can help lead to success in life. 

Update: 2nd Annual Ride for CityHarvest

October 7, 2019

With the combined efforts of our partners, participants, and friends we were able to double our fundraising and awareness goals . The 2nd Annual Ride raised funds that helped CityHarvest rescue over 40,000 lbs. of food for Hungry New Yorkers.